Move to Ios app, and so what?

‘Very few of the commenters seemed to have actually used the app to migrate data to an iPhone and are instead using the reviews section to vent their frustration at Apple in general.’ (9to5mac)

Enough said, huh? well…… no. (haters gonna hate)

I won’t go on and on, just few points for all the droid users out there:

  1. Go on, vent your anger at Apple and their brainwashing marketing campaign. You are on Android so why do you care? No, seriously, why do you care? I really want to know.
  2. If you think that Android OS is better than Ios (I have no problem in admitting than android is better in some aspects), why do you care? No, seriously, why do you care? I really want to know.
  3. Most of (if not all) Ios users would not even bother commenting if Android was doing the same thing. Wait, it does. So why all this faffing about simply because Apple caught up with Android?
  4. By droid users being ‘upset’ in their comments, one cannot refrain from highlighting that mac sheep have been around for a long time, but we now see the emergence of bot goats (I didn’t create the expression btw).
  5. Finally, this is a bully mentality.

Those who pleaded allegiance to Android blindly are no better than your shoreditch hipster sitting by the window in Starbuck, browsing facebook on his macbook air while sipping on his overpriced coffee.

Me and some of my friends (Hi guys) enjoy ranting Ios vs android, it is actually one of our hobby, we are currently registering it as an Olympic sport and are creating the IVARIFFPWLWTT (Ios Vs Android Ranting International Federation For People Who Like Wasting Their Time).

But one thing we always try (emphasis on try), we rant and then we move on.

To all the bot goats, you ranted, please move on.

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